The word Bin Adam originates from Arabic language بن آدم and is comprised of two words “BIN” (meaning Daughter Of/Son Of) and “ADAM” (meaning First Person that sent by Allah/God in this world i.e. Hazrat Adam Elah-e-Slaam) altogether meaning “Father of this Whole World's Human being.


Bin Adam Foundation.

Bin Adam Foundation formerly Bin Adam Foundation for Friedreich Ataxia. Pakistan is a Pakistani  Non-Governmental Organization Registered with Government of Pakistan under societies Act 1860, dated 19th February 2014 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, that has been carrying forward its mission since 1999,

Formerly 1st name as CARE PLANET FOUNDATION; when I am Perfect Healthy doing graduation and running a School for poor children at a Slum Area near Islamabad just opposite to American International School, H-9, Islamabad, in 2000. After 1 year the school was running well but suddenly forced closed by CDA as it is running at Green Belt Place. That really shocked me and me stopped all works and than busy in my college studies etc but it couldn't stopped my aim, my vision and my works for the future for the needy peoples of Pakistan.

It is Year of 2006 When me suddenly fall in rare disease i.e. Friedreich's Ataxia after just 1 year of marriage and got disabled, than my heart again awaking to do works for the good cause, now AlhamdulilAllah I have 2 healthy child and By the grace of Allah Pak me got to make a registered Organization by the name of Bin Adam Foundation.

The aim of Bin Adam Foundation is to empower youth and all ages of people of Pakistan especially by providing them with Literacy, Education and Awareness programs to create better health and Research Center with 2020 vision.

Besides there is no medical cure or medicine for many kind of rare diseases especially Friedreich's Ataxia, our aim are also to do research on this in Pakistan too as other countries like UK, USA, Germany, Australia do much works on that kind of rare diseases and other diseases especially Friedreich's Ataxia. . In this regards we established Pakistan First Research Center on ATAXIA by the name of ATAXIA PK, With a Qualified Medical Team, this is our first Project of Bin Adam Foundation.

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We are also working for the establishing of GENETIC LAB in Pakistan with a Specialist of GENETIC Doctor and ATAXIAN Specialist and other diseases Specialist. In this regard we need much funds etc as GENETIC Test is the world most expensive test that only conducting in UK, USA Australia, Germany.

A Junior School is under construction for Poor People's Children of slum Area of Jhelum Road, behind Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi at a wide open 3 Kanal by name of  BASE School (Bin Adam Special Education) with a support of local people, traders etc In this regards we need urgent funds from different donor agencies, NGO, INGO hoping to start classes in this July-August 2014 summer vacation.

So Please joins hand with us in the field of Education, Health Center, Research Center for a good cause for the people of Pakistan and Rest of World.

My Story of Ataxia's Diagnostic in Pakistan:


In a Pakistan Doctor may be know much about this Ataxia disease and other diseases but unfortunately they never guide us because if they tell us that we have this kind of diseases i.e. Friedreich's Ataxia than who go again to consult doctors etc as this diseases have no medicine and cure in this world too so who pay their consulting fee or how they got earning again and again if they tell us about that truth, as this story happened with me for the whole year in 2008 when me go every where for diagnosed at last my friend's Doctor Syed Tanseer Asghar, who are just General Surgeon guide me in a few hours through his Apple I-Phone Online Net Information that I have this kind of diseases FA and than all I gather information etc in this regard myself from different websites and gather all Ataxia’s Patient data base etc and made a website on it and so on.



A Message by

Haji Babar Naseer. Ataxian.

Founder, Chairman.

More Details Given Below



Governing Body's Members:

Mr.Haji Babar Naseer Sh.

B.A(Journ), B.Sc, Accp (Comp).


Founder, Chairman,   

Executive Director.

Friedreich Ataxia Patient.





Sheikh Naseer Ahmed Javaid.

Vice Chairman



Ms.Wajeeha Khan.



Ms.Parveen Akhter


Ms.Munazza Kamran

Founder Member.

President Fateh Jang, Attock Chapter, Pakistan.

Rabi Adress

Founder Member.

President Faisalabad Chapter, Pakistan.



Ms.Zartaaj Bibi

Founder Member.

President Muzaffarabad Abad, Azad Kashmir Chapter, Pakistan.







Dr.Mansoor Iqbal Ch.


Neuro Physician.

Member American Academy of Neurology.

PIMS. Islamabad.


For Appointment E-Mail:

Mrs.Farkhanda Jabeen     

Clinical Psychologist.

Fauji Foundation Hospital.

DHA-1, Rawalpindi.



For Appointment E-Mail:








·         One of our main objectives is to spread awareness about Ataxia disorders, Rare Diseases and other Health and Education and to provide information and counseling in coping to live with Ataxia to sufferers and other Health issues, their family members as well as medical community and general people and to create a forum for Ataxians and other Health Issues with 2020 vision In Pakistan.

·         To organize meetings and seminars, generating knowledge base on Ataxia and Other all Diseases, Neuro Muscular Disorders, Education and also to share information about Financial, Medical, Educational grants and other benefits to which they are entitled.

·         To works for spreading awareness on Ataxia, establishing Research Center (launched ATAXIA PK Research Center), GENETIC LAB for free diagnostic of rare and other diseases in Pakistan and other disabilities and work for awareness on other social causes like Barrier free environment, green earth concept as well as to empower the physically challenged community with special emphasis on Ataxians and Other all Diseases and to integrate and network with other similar NGO's, social bodies etc.

·         To provide the latest research information around the world. Issue news magazines, publishing journals, articles etc, highlighting the needs, interests and simple ideas for managing daily life of MD and Ataxia and Other all Diseases patients.

·         Establishing Junior Schools Nation wide for Poor Children's by name of BASE (Bin Adam Special Education)

·         Our Foundation entirely depends upon donations; charity, grants and fund raising events. We need helping hands to support our cause to spread awareness and to work for welfare of PWD in the society; even a little help can make difference.



  • To organize awareness meets at any group gatherings (colleges, events) and by Publishing Books, Leaflet to spread awareness on Rare Diseases, Educational and other issues.
  • To build up a team of like minded people to serve for the betterment of BIN ADAM VISION
  • To build up a team of all the disabled people and work to create self employment
  • To raise funds for the long term goal of Bin Adam Foundation to network with other civil societies organizations to promote Bin Adam Foundation's VISION .
  • To provide skillful training sessions for all the like minded volunteers to update the latest information in the market.
  • BIN ADAM's Long Term Goal and Vision is to build "Devoted Ataxia Care Centre, Bin Adam Peace Home for Disabled Persons, Other Diseases Free Diagnostic Center (GENETIC LAB), Research Center “ATAXIA PK” , and Education Center Nation wide by a name of BASE School (Bin Adam Special Education)".

BIN ADAM Dream Project:

Our 1st dream is to help the fellow Ataxia's Patients, Rare Disease's Patients and other people with your support so that they can also achieve their dreams as a normal people.

Also our Dream project is to set-up Nation wide Schools for Poor People's Children by name of BASE School (Bin Adam Special Education).

A Free all kind of diseases Diagnostic Center (GENETIC LAB) with Lifestyle clinic which can provide services for everyone in our society to be carried out by professionals.
Such as:
Stress Management
Psychological Interventions 
Physiotherapy (Physical therapy)
Occupational therapy
Genetic counseling

Genetic Test Centre

Research Centre
Diet Management
Speech therapy


We aspire to provide "Devoted Ataxia Care Centre" services all Under One Roof to Ataxia and other movement disorder patients (like Muscular dystrophy patients) and all other Diseases Free of cost and also to provide these services to general people at nominal charges and Bin Adam Peace Home for Disabled Persons.

If you can support this noble cause by making our dream come true our entire ataxia community will be grateful to you for your generous helping hand.









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